Congress Introduction

Africa is where humanity originated and diverged to its greatest extent, genetically! With the remarkable advances made through the Human Genome project and its more recent technological applications for human health, agriculture and mapping the human journey across our planet – there is no better time to bring the international genomics community back home to Africa. The ICHG 2021 in Cape Town, South Africa is meant to be a strategic and watershed meeting. It is hoped that several high powered delegates and funding agencies could be wooed to come to Cape Town, which is known as the jewel in Africa’s crown.

Africa also represents one of the few vast expanses on earth where there has been a controlled use of environmental resources and release of pollutants. This picture is supplemented with the historical value of Africa as the origin of hominids, and the cradle of mankind.

This continent is seen as an awakening giant in terms of potential commercial developmental opportunities – it has long been colonized and has only recently shrugged off the shackles of colonialism, and stands to benefit from its strategic wealth in minerals, and natural beauty. It is still the only place on the planet where there is a wealth of megafauna remaining largely intact, and where visitors may take advantage of excellent value for money holiday destinations.


Cape Town is often described as the Mother City of South Africa and the Western Cape
is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world.


The African Society of Human Genetics is a forum for scientists interested in Human Genetics in Africa to meet, interact, network and collaborate. The Society’s aim is to equip the African scientific community and policymakers with the information and practical knowledge they need to contribute to the field of genetics research and to attract global attention to the efforts of African scientists.